Why You Should Choose Arts Stream After 10th

Arts Stream

Why You Should Choose Arts Stream

“Future in arts stream”. “I am confused about my career after 10th”. “Which stream is best for the future?”. If these questions still perplex you, you’ve come to the correct place.  ARTS, as the name suggests, it’s something that requires skills. Arts is the appropriate option for you. If you appreciate being creative and handling skill-intensive jobs. So go ahead and start painting your life canvas.

      Psychology, fashion studies, history, sociology, and other topics are part of the arts stream majorly.

 Some of the opportunities available to you as an art student are listed here.


  • To comprehend the neglected state of Humanities in Indian schools. We must first grasp what is this as a subject and why they’re so vital in today’s culture. For the foremost part, It is seen as something that ought to be left to the weak kids while the bulk folks are focused on Maths and Science.
  • Humanities may be a vital subject for all folks since it encompasses every part of our life, including how we’ve progressed as humans, our history, society, literature, and the way we express ourselves. 
  • Overall, it poses the question, “What creates us?”.  It encompasses a far broader range of topics than one might imagine, including history, law, linguistics, social anthropology, literature, arts, sociology, and so on. It can provide answers to a spread of basic and sophisticated life-related concerns.
  • History is quite just a record of events. It’s also a repository of knowledge. It can help us understand how far we’ve progressed as a species. So, by studying this, you’ll be able to readily find answers to some life challenges that our forefathers and mothers encountered. 
  • It is crucial because it illuminates our route forward by shedding light on history, and literature. It creates social and aids its growth and improvement. Without this, our lives will still revolve around one point and can not progress.
  • Apart from all of this, It is a very important discipline due to its practical usefulness. We learn to sympathize with others as a result of this. We may experience the richness and depth of other cultures by reading their art and literature. Second, we require answers to, above all, complex social problems, which might be found in the literature. Third, it clarifies the complexities of social relationships in our surroundings.

Difficulties in Arts Stream

  • Colors, tints, and creation: there’s a vivacity to making art in a  setting. The concept of slathering paint on a canvas, producing cool new effects with images, or simply the idea of creation: little, digitalized, three-dimensional, or even enormous installation-style, piques interest. But, as wonderful and bizarre as art may appear, it takes a lot of hard effort and patience to make it what it is, and most art students would agree.
Arts streams
  •  This is the most undervalued topic in Indian schools. The mere mention of the word “Humanities” can cause your parents to scowl. If children choose humanities over mainstream subjects like Mathematics and Science, one must have witnessed or experienced a schism between parents and children.
  • Being a Humanities student is thought to imply that you are a poor student who is not as bright as those who choose science topics. This mentality must be altered. Furthermore, taking science topics in high school is useful because if a student with a science subject is unable to get into an engineering or medical institution, he or she has the choice of enrolling in any other course. 
  • Humanities students are not permitted to use this facility. But why is there such a disparity? This disparity must be addressed, and if someone wants to change their subject, a common exit should be available.

Future scope in Arts Stream

Whether you specialize in fine art, the skills you learn during your degree are likely to be highly regarded in a variety of fields, including creative employment and a variety of other graduate positions.

Throughout your education, make the most of every opportunity to network and discover opportunities to present your work in public settings by entering as many competitions and exhibitions as possible.

Continue reading to learn more about which art occupations might be best for you and how to improve your employability in these fields.


Illustrators employ their artistic abilities to convey stories, messages, or ideas to a target audience. They frequently work for several customers on a freelance basis and are likely to specialize in a particular media, such as drawing, photography, or computer illustration. 

           In this situation, your portfolio should show that you can work to a specific brief, for as designing book cover designs.


Photographers utilize a variety of tools to capture photos in the style and brief that a client has specified. Photography can be used for a variety of reasons and specializations, ranging from weddings to advertising, reportage, and more. 

          Some professions, such as fashion photography, are especially competitive, thus having a Master of Fine Arts in photography may be advantageous.


 A graphic designer is in charge of developing design solutions with a strong visual effect. Working to a brief established with the customer, creative director, or account manager is part of the job description. 

         Graphic designers come up with innovative ideas and concepts, deciding on the best media and style to achieve the client’s goals. If you want to work as a graphic designer, it helps. if you have a degree in design and have learned the necessary abilities, such as using computer programs like Photoshop. You might also think about pursuing your education in the arts stream at a postgraduate level.

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 As a curator, you’ll be in charge of a gallery or museum’s display collections, as well as figuring out the best method to present an exhibition to the public, generating funding, partnering with institutions, and ensuring that collections are properly kept. 

            Curators work with a wide variety of media, from contemporary audio-visual works to ancient sculpture. Because the sector is typically quite competitive, you might want to consider pursuing a postgraduate degree in a subject like museum studies.


Every stream has its own advantages, but what matters most is your enthusiasm, which is accompanied by a pinch of dedication. After tenth grade, choosing humanities as your arts stream allows you a lot more flexibility and access to a lot more intriguing topics, allowing your total knowledge to expand and blossom!

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