How to Choose the right path

How to Choose the right path

How to Choose the right path, When somebody does something that they know that they shouldn’t do, did they really have a preference. Maybe what I mean to say is did they really have a possibility. You can take two individuals, present them with the same fork in the road, and one is going to have a more manageable time than the other to choose the right path.

Is there such a thing as somebody choose the right path? 

You could debate back and forth with God and Evolution and such issues. The side that you take in an opinion like that might lead you to think that you know the meaning of life. How can we really understand though? 

At least up until now, there isn’t 100% assurance to either side. If God was a guarantee – why would he strand so many of us here to die, without the knowledge or say it as proof that we separately would have been required to make that choice? If Evolution was a guarantee – why would there be two thousand years of person-to-person explanations that Jesus walked on Earth? We’ve already seen a lot of strange things happen in our lifetime, and I think that we will see a lot more. 

Our world is too much of an unsound place, and as time grows on we just grow out further. Every Civilization has failed. How long do you believe we have? Look at America. They have built on a pretty rough foundation. Events like the Hurricanes, have humbled them and showed them how vulnerable we are to things we can’t avoid. 

Their entire economy is built on Oil, and they are feeling the effects of the instability in the Oil world. Will the next war be over oil? Was it the last one?

The Persian Gulf has over half of the world’s oil sitting beneath it, but it can’t appear to get its act together above the surface. The United States is the largest customer of Oil, and they only have 3% of the world’s oil resources. How long can they go on, being so hanging on Oil, and borrowing as much as they do? 

Well into the Trillions, the US is the world’s biggest debtor. That makes everyone wonder where all that money is coming from. The ’30s showed us what occurs when the markets collapse. Are we smart enough to hold any economy going in the 00s? I don’t think so. Not when we have monkeys like Bush booting about. Not to pick on him in particular but here are some fun connections.

Most of the time, calculating how to choose the right path is complex, foggy, and filled with anxiety. As our commitments grow and more people rely on us, it becomes even more complicated. We must experience, wisdom, patience, and courage to find the correct way. 

Here are 5 factors for deciding how to choose the right path.

Faith and Values

As Roy Disney once said, “When your worths are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” What do your moral foundation and faith say? Learn to trust these principles and work to strengthen them. Just be careful because they can be complicated by self-serving emotions and desires. As Mr. Disney implied in his extract, it is necessary to be clear about what your values are and to follow them.


Your past counts a lot in these moments. By this time, we’ve all made good judgments and poor ones. Take that experience and use it in the current circumstances. What did you learn from each example?

Positives and Negatives

List both the positives and negatives of the judgment at hand. Which side is better weighted? Who stands to gain the most if a certain path is chosen and who stands to lose? Decisions have developments, and it’s wise to determine all potential outcomes. The last thing we want is to gain especially in one area but lose devastatingly in several others. The idea is to go with the best feasible chance of overall success.

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According to John Quincy Adams, “Patience and persistence have a magical effect before which problems disappear and obstacles vanish.” If there is no requirement to rush your decision, then, by all means, do not. Take it to devotion. Acting hastily usually leads to unforeseen complications and a new set of difficulties. Move gradually and thoughtfully.


Strive to be a man who is capable to rise to the challenge. We can’t shrink away from hardship. Seek wisdom and have the bravery to step out of your comfort zone. And choose the right path to follow your passion.

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