Why Choose Science Stream After 10th?

Why Choose Science Stream After 10th?

Why Choose Science Stream After 10th is an obvious question. Science is a very broad field and is used in very many ways. The best way to explore options after class 10th science stream is to identify areas of your interest. Then explore the career options associated with that. The future of science after 10th class could be your dream to opt for Engineering and go ahead with a career in Engineering. If you are doing well at studies, the options will be endless. 

Opportunities in Science Stream

There are many opportunities for students who choose the science stream. Apart from engineering and medicine, students can opt for a career in research, pharmaceuticals, food technology, forensic sciences, etc.

The most preferred career options after the completion of class X are engineering and medicine. For both these science streams, one needs to clear the entrance examinations held by various institutes or universities. Several institutes offer courses in engineering and medicine across India.

Physics and Chemistry

Physics and chemistry are the basis of the science stream. Chemistry deals with the composition, structure, and properties of matter; it also deals with the changes that matter undergoes. Physics is mainly concerned with matter and energy, their inter-relationships, and the laws that govern them.

Physics and chemistry have contributed a great deal to the advancement of civilization. They have given us metals, alloys, plastics, synthetic materials; they have given us electricity, radio, television, and many other useful things.

While studying science (PCM) at the school level you learned how the basic laws of physics and chemistry could be used to explain a wide variety of phenomena in nature. You learned about heat, light, sound, motion, and magnetism. You studied chemical reactions and chemical mixtures.

Biology and Medicine

Biology and Medicine are two fields that are growing at a tremendous pace. From the genome project to stem-cell research, from artificial limbs to prosthetics, there is no end to the wonders that these fields have produced over the last few years.

If you think biology and medicine are all about studying from books then you’re in for a surprise. Much of what you learn in biology and medicine is through practical work. And since these are life sciences, there are no models or simulations to work with you get to work with real-life organisms.

This science stream course will allow you to do some basic experiments on your own, without having to go through the rigors of a full-fledged degree program.

Technology and Engineering

The world is changing rapidly and computers, communications, engineering, and other technologies are the drivers of change. They are also major drivers of progress in medicine, health care, transportation, manufacturing, and other sectors. As a result, there is tremendous demand for graduates with knowledge of technology and its applications to business, industry, community, and the professions. The College of Technology offers science stream programs that help students understand the role of technology in society and how technological systems are designed and used.

Difficulties in Science Stream

The Science stream is considered to be the most difficult stream among the three because it involves a lot of analysis and experimentation. It requires one to be highly observant and analytical. It also requires a lot of hard work and dedication from students because the syllabus cannot be completed unless you grasp the concepts.

Numerous other factors make this (PCM) stream difficult for students. These factors include:

  • Maths is a part of Physics makes it even more difficult for students who do not like Maths
  • The volume of the syllabus for all three subjects is vast.
  • Regular practicals are conducted to test the understanding level and observation power of students.
  • Every year new books and reference materials are introduced in schools making it difficult for students to get hold of them at the right time
Future scope in Science Stream

The subjects included in this science stream help students gain knowledge about their surroundings. It also helps them to study various topics in-depth and also encourages them to come up with new inventions and innovations.


Students who want to make a career in medicine can opt for this science stream as it provides them with all the necessary knowledge regarding the human body and health. It also offers great career options in engineering and other technical fields. Like:

Non-medical/Engineering Group Courses:-
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
IT Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Mining Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering
Genetic Engineering
Plastics Engineering
Power Engineering
Production Engineering
Infrastructure Engineering
Textile Engineering
Marine Engineering
Naval Architecture
Dairy Technology and Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Motorsport Engineering
Environmental Engineering
IC Engineering
Metallurgy Engineering
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Information Technology
B.Sc. Nautical Science
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. Electronics and Communication
Science Stream options


A student decides to choose the science stream. Their option of study should make them aware of the advantages of choosing a science stream.  Because then they will be able to understand some of the possibilities that it can open up to its students. 

       And one of the very obvious advantages of choosing a science stream. It has great scope of job opportunities after you are done with your graduation in the field.

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