Why choose the biology stream after the 10th?


Why choose the biology stream after the 10th?

Why choose the biology stream after the 10th is an obvious question. A biology is a good option for those of you who love animals, plants, and life. Biology after 10th is ideal for those students who have strong analytical and communication skills with an interest in subjects like physics, chemistry. Having a creative approach helps in learning this subject well. Biology has numerous career opportunities available to you in biological research, forensic science, biotechnology, etc.

    The biology stream after class 10 has many opportunities. The stream comprises subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. After completing the biology stream one can opt for various options such as BAMS, BDS, BHMS, and many more.

Opportunities in biology after 10th 

There are several career opportunities in the field of biological science. If you want to pursue a career in this biology field then you must have an interest in science and technology. Science is a very vast field that includes subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. 


        There are many opportunities after 10 in the biology stream. If you want to choose a good career, then you can go for the following.

1. Doctor

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a doctor, you will have to start at a young age. You must perform well in your high school exams, as you will need a good score to get into a good college. 

        After that, you will need to study hard to earn an undergraduate degree in Biology or Medicine. Following this, you must apply for medical school, which can be difficult due to the fierce competition that exists between students who want to become doctors.

2. Pharmacist

A Pharmacist is one of the careers that have a strong background in biology. This career involves working with medicines and drugs. They work in drugstores and hospitals where they dispense drugs to patients, give advice about medications and help doctors to decide which drug will be most effective for their patients. 

          They study pharmacy and complete an internship at a drugstore or hospital after getting their degree in Biology. 

3. Food Inspector

A Food inspector is a professional who ensures that the food products consumed by the public are safe and hygienic. A food inspector has to ensure that all the food products are processed in a clean place and are free from contamination. The work of a food inspector involves checking the manufacturing unit or the processing factory for all aspects of safety.

            Any food processing unit needs to have a license from the government and this license is provided after ensuring that the unit is free from any kind of contaminating agents like rodents, insects, etc.

4. Lab Technician

A Lab Technician is a health care professional who works with complex medical equipment and helps doctors, nurses, and technicians to carry out their day-to-day activities. They collect samples of blood, urine, and tissue and perform tests in a clinical laboratory for disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. 

         Some of the job duties that are generally associated with this position are mentioned on the Lab Technician. 

         Resume as follows preparing culture media, collecting blood, urine, or tissue samples from patients. 

         Also ensuring that all lab equipment works properly; performing various tests such as chemical analysis, microscopic examination, bacteriological culturing, etc. And preparing reports by analyzing test results.

5. Agricultural Assistant

Agricultural Assistants work on farms, both indoors and outdoors, to maintain and grow crops. He may also be required to help with animal care. Agricultural Assistants are usually employed by commercial farms that grow crops or raise animals to sell. Some farmers specialize in growing a specific type of crop or raising a specific type of animal. 

        There are several different specializations within this field as many farmers harvest their crops without the help of machines and employ many workers to pick their crops. Other farmers may use machines to harvest their crops and will only need a few workers to help operate the machinery.

Here, there is the list of the courses below, that offers a good balance career while choosing biology after 10th

Medical Group Courses:-
Medicine (MBBS)
Dental Science (BDS)
Ayurveda (BAMS)
Homeopathy (BHMS)
Unani (BUMS)
B Pharmacy
Pharm D
B.Sc. Physiotherapy
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy
B.Sc. Biochemistry
B.Sc. Biology
B.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Environmental Science
B.Sc. Biotechnology
B.Sc. Nursing
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy
B.Sc. Physiotherapy
B.Sc. Radiology
B.Sc. Bioinformatics
B.Sc. Anthropology
B.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. Zoology
B.Sc. Forensic Science
B.Sc. Agriculture
B.Sc. Pathology
B.Sc. Speech Therapy
B.Sc. Horticulture
B.Sc. Genetics
B.Sc. Health Science and Nutrition
B.Sc. Sports Science
B.Sc. Audiology
B.Sc. Botany
Biology career options


After passing class 10th we come across many difficulties. Like, a heavy syllabus, pressure from parents to get good marks, and many more. Biology is one of the most interesting subjects.

       Well, let me tell you that all of my friends faced these problems. But I was lucky and found a good guide who helped me out.

1. If you are from a science background, please do not worry about getting admission into any college or university for further studies. It is easy to get into a science stream with biology as a subject.

2. If you have good marks, then go for the subjects of your choice. If your marks are average or below average, stick to general subjects that can get you into decent colleges like BSc (General) or BSc (Pass).

3. There are many options available for biology students – BSc (General), BSc (Pass), BSc (Honours), BTech in Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Integrated MSc, etc. You can choose the one based on your area of interest and score in the 10th exam.

Future scope in biology after 10th 

Biology stream after 10th is not a bad choice as such. But it has its pros and cons. It is easy to study biology after 10th compared to non-medical courses like engineering. 

         The difficulty level in biology is not that high, so any student with average intelligence can get good marks. Biology offers a wide range of options in graduation and post-graduation levels. 

         You can go for medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, veterinary science, pharmacy, etc. after the 10th. In addition to these, you can also pursue graduation in subjects like microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, etc.


There are advantages to choosing Biology Stream after 10th. It teaches you the fundamentals of various branches of science in a better way. It not only improves your scientific knowledge. Also, the proficiency to answer competitive exam questions accurately. The simple logic and clear diagrammatic representation make it easier for the students to understand the concepts easily.

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