What Should I Do After 10th Exams

What Should I Do After 10th Exams

What Should I Do After 10th

“What should I do after 10th?” is one of the most difficult problems students encounter while studying in their 10th grade. The question is genuine and obvious. But students need not be worried anymore as this article is going to provide the.  All the necessary information related to the benefits, opportunities, and future scopes of the different streams. One can pursue, and depending upon their interest areas, students can opt for a particular stream. These streams include- Science, Commerce, and Humanities and each stream have its benefits. 

                  Choosing what to do after the 10th is not a hard task. It’s okay to have not figured it out yet. It’s like a piece of cake that is yet to be baked. So, sit back and relax & keep scrolling through the article to get one step closer to deciding your career path. We are here to discuss everything with you & clear all your possible doubts.


Different streams after 10th 

  1. Science Stream/PCMB Science Stream
  2. Biology stream after 10 or science stream without maths after 10th
  3. Arts Stream
  4. Commerce Stream

1. Science stream or PCMB science stream

The science stream is not for everybody. It is most suited for those of you who want to pursue a career in science and technology. There are many opportunities for students who choose the science streams. Apart from engineering and medicine, students can opt for a career in research, pharmaceuticals, food technology, forensic sciences, etc.

Engineering and Medical

The most preferred career options after the completion of class X are engineering and medical. For both these streams, one needs to clear the entrance examinations held by various institutes or universities. Several institutes offer courses in engineering and medicine across India. 

      Some of them conduct their entrance examinations while others admit students based on national level exams. These are conducted by other organizations such as the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) or Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE).

The subjects included in this stream help students gain knowledge about their surroundings. It also helps them to study various topics in-depth and also encourages them to come up with new inventions and innovations.


Numerous other factors make this stream difficult for students. These factors include:

  • Maths is a part of Physics makes it even more difficult for students who do not like Maths
  • The volume of the syllabus for all three subjects is vast
  • Regular practical’s are conducted to test the understanding level and observation power of students
  • Every year new books and reference materials are introduced in schools making it difficult for students to get hold of them at the right time

Being in the science stream is pretty cool. You are allowed to proceed at a faster pace and you do not have to study biology. There are some disadvantages too like you might be forced to study Biology in X class, where it is not your beloved subject. Your parents will also avoid you during the exam period because they are afraid of getting anxious.

2. Biology stream after 10 or Science stream without maths after 10th

Biology is a good option for those of you who love animals, plants, and life. Biology after 10th is ideal for those students who have strong analytical and communication skills with an interest in subjects like physics, chemistry. Having a creative approach helps in learning this subject well.

The biology stream after class 10 has many opportunities. The stream comprises subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. After completing the biology stream one can opt for various options such as BAMS, BDS, BHMS, and many more. There are several career opportunities in the field of science.

Difficulties with Biology Stream

After passing class 10th we come across many difficulties. Like, a heavy syllabus, pressure from parents to get good marks, and many more. Biology is one of the most interesting subjects. Well, let me tell you that all of my friends faced these problems. But I was lucky and found a good guide who helped me out.

Biology stream after 10th is not a bad choice as such. But it has its own pros and cons. It is easy to study biology after 10th compared to non-medical courses like engineering.

doctors MBBS

The difficulty level in biology is not that high, so any student with average intelligence can get good marks. Biology offers a wide range of options in graduation and post-graduation levels. You can go for medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, veterinary science, pharmacy, etc. after the 10th.

Advanced Biology

In addition to these, you can also pursue graduation in subjects like microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, etc. On the whole, biology is a subject that students find exciting and interesting to study, and it gives them a lot of information about the world around them. 

      Studying biology can result in people gaining an understanding of their place in society, learning more about the world they live in, and also helping them to understand how specific factors within their environment can have an impact on organisms.

3. Arts stream after 10th

Arts stream after 10th is the appropriate option for you if you appreciate being creative and handling skill-intensive jobs. Psychology, fashion studies, history, sociology, and other topics are part of the arts stream. Some of the opportunities available to you as an art student are listed here.

Opportunity in Arts Stream

Humanities are seen as something that should be left to weak kids. It encompasses a far broader range of topics than one might imagine, including history, law, linguistics, social anthropology, literature, arts, sociology, and so on. Without Humanities, our lives will still revolve around one point and can not progress.


Difficulties in Arts Stream

Being a Humanities student is thought to imply that you are a poor student. This mentality must be altered. Taking science topics in high school is useful because if a student with a science subject is unable to get into an engineering or medical institution, he or she has the choice of enrolling in any other course.

Future scopes in Arts Stream

Whether you specialize in fine art or design, the skills you learn during university are likely to be highly regarded in a variety of fields such as Photography, Illustrator, Graphic design, etc.

After tenth grade, choosing humanities as your stream allows you more flexibility and access to a lot more intriguing topics. Every stream has its own advantages, but what matters most is your enthusiasm, which is accompanied by a pinch of admiration from your peers. It’s time to expand and blossom!

4. Commerce stream or commerce stream after 10th

One of the most sought-after academic streams in 11th grade for students in Commerce. Commerce is an academic discipline whereby students are taught about business and marketing-related activities, trade and commerce, etc. Those interested in knowing about the world of business, economics, management, statistics, and related fields should go for the commerce stream. Major subjects include Business studies, Accountancy, Economics, Business Laws, etc.

Opportunities in Commerce Stream

In the Commerce stream Students have plenty of opportunities. After completing 12th in commerce. One can look for job opportunities like Financial Analyst, Company secretary, etc. 



     They can also prepare for higher degrees of education like BBA, BCOM, Bachelor of Management Studies, LLB, or for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC CGL, Bank exams, etc. Some of the highest paying jobs through commerce are CA, Investment Banker, Retail Manager, and others.

Difficulties in Commerce Streams

The challenges that are faced by students in commerce education are-

  1. At the secondary school level. Students are not educated about the commerce background to give them clarity about the subject.
  2.  Theoretical knowledge is much more emphasized than practical knowledge needed in the corporate world.
  3. The curriculum is still backdated and not at par with the current technological trends.
  4. A commerce student cannot switch his or her course to science after the 12th.
  5. Students must be good in mathematics and those who lack interest in the subject will find passing the subjects very difficult.
  6. Teachers with specialized skills in a subject are not hired often, and thus students fail to get proper clarity in a particular subject.

Future scope in Commerce Stream

After passing in 12th board, commerce students can opt to pursue B.Com, BBA, BMS, and BBS degrees for getting good job opportunities after graduation. Commerce graduates can grab seats in investment, banking, accounts, insurance, and management sectors. 

        Students can also take up higher degrees in commerce like M.com, MBA, MPhil, MSc, etc., and do specializations in fields like Accounting, Finance, Banking, Taxation, E-Commerce, Human Resources, and others.

After reading the scopes, advantages, and disadvantages of commerce education. We can conclude that to take up commerce.  You need to be made aware of the commerce background first. And only if the student feels the subject is intriguing, should he/she go after pursuing it. Students must be willing to learn, research, and explore more.

SO, What is the end game here?

After you went through the entire article, what did you find? You found the career scopes, disadvantages, and benefits of each stream. Everything is necessary for your information. We discussed briefly to help you clear your doubt.  Now you can answer “what course should I study after 10th or how to decide what to do after 10th.s

           So, what is the key takeaway from the whole point we tried to make?. Opt for any stream wisely. Don’t rush into something just because your friends are doing it or your family is telling you to. Look at the career opportunities each stream provides and ask yourself; “Is this what I want?”.  And then go for the academic stream that answers you “YES!”

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