The A-Z Of Motivation – Authne

The A-Z Of Motivation - Authne

A light-hearted A-Z of Motivation of ideas, tips and tricks to help you get motivated, stay motivated, and achieve your goals.

Pain may periodically be the reason why people change. Getting bad marks makes you realize that you need to study. Debts remind you of your incapacity to look for a source of income. Being offended gives you the ‘push’ to speak up and fight for yourself to save your face from the next embarrassment. It may be a painful experience, a friend’s tragic story, a great movie, or an inspiring book that will help you to get up and get just the right amount of A-Z of motivation you need in order to improve yourself.

With all the individuals trying to pull you down and waiting for you to fail, how can you stay motivated and positive?

A-Z Of Motivation tips for Stay Motivated

Achieving your dreams, your ambitions. Avoid negative individuals, things and places because they will only drag you down. Eleanor Roosevelt onetime said, “The future belongs to those individuals who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Believe in yourself, and you can do what you can imagine. Believe in your possibilities, your dreams and your ambitions. Every progress of humankind has taken place because somebody believed in themselves.


Consider all of the angles and elements of everything you encounter, whether it is people or circumstances. Motivation comes from the strength of objective. Being able to see both points of view will give you more opportunities of being successful and keep those around you motivated too.

Don’t give up and don’t give in whatever you dream. Every successful individual from J K Rowling to Walt Disney to Sylvester Stallone to Thomas Edison had multiple disappointments before being successful. Sometimes their failures or refusals ran into the hundreds before they achieved success.

Enjoy. Work as if you don’t require money. Dance as if nobody’s watching you. Love as if you never cried for anything. Learn as if you’ll live eternally. Motivation takes place when individuals are happy.

Family and Friends. Use your family and friends to support you and stay motivated. The big cricket teams like MI, and CSK has millions of fans to inspire them even in their failures. Your family and friends can be your supporters and fans. Use them to keep you going when you feel your motivation floating.


Give that a little bit extra. Self-improvement occurs everywhere all the time, whether you are at residence, at work or at school. Anthony Robbins tells us that the difference in effort between excellent and outstanding is little, yet the difference in rewards is tremendous. Giving that little bit extra can put you into the extraordinary.

Hang on to your dreams and your aim. There may be times when it looks down, but hang on to your dreams. The night is darkest just before sunrise. It is at this moment that you are closest to success and 95% of individuals will give up. Push through this point and you’ll achieve your dreams.


Ignore those who try to unseat you. Don’t get involved in their acts or toxicity – just walk away. Encircle yourself with individuals who will encourage and support you. Remove those who want to pull you down and watch you fall from your life. You’ll find it much more comfortable to stay motivated.

Joy and gratitude. Possibly two of the fundamentals for motivation and success are to be joyful in what you do and thankful for what you have.

Keep pushing forwards no matter how hard life may appear. In the most difficult moments, you can choose to move forwards or to run away. It’s your decision – one path brings you nearer to success, the other takes you away from it. Which do you want to follow?

Learn to love yourself. This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds for most individuals, but by loving yourself you will be happier and more motivated because you will acknowledge you deserve what you achieve.

Make things occur. Motivation and success don’t come from seating in front of the television drinking coke and eating pizza. Take action and you’ll achieve your dreams, your aim.

Never lie, cheat or rob. Always play a reasonable game. At the end of the day, if you live a fraudulent life, it will come back to you. Living an honest, fair life authorises you to be proud of what you do.


Open your eyes. Every person has a set of blinkers that they wear and see everything through them, i.e. how they would like something to be. Look at life with open eyes and see things how they are, and see them how you like them to be. Then take action to make it transpire.

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice anything, the better you become at that task. A top sportsman doesn’t match their status through a single practice or game. They practice harder and more prolonged than anyone else, and as such, are rewarded more than anyone else.

Quitters never win. And winners never quit. So, which do you want to be?

Ready yourself. Always be ready to take benefit of the opportunities and situations presented to you. Prepare in advancement, and ignore the voice telling you to put it off until tomorrow. Just remember, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!

Stop procrastinating. You can put it all off until tomorrow, but one day there will be no more tomorrow. Start procrastinating about procrastinating and do tomorrow’s jobs today and today itself. Tomorrow never comes. 

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Take control of your life. Specialization and self-control are interchangeable with motivation. So many individuals believe their lives are out of their control. Look at your life in particular and you’ll discover you have more areas under your control than you think.

Understand others. If you know very well how to speak, you should also learn how to listen to somebody. You have two ears and one mouth for a cause, use it. Understand others and aspire to be understood.

Visualise your dream. Your subconscious mind knows no difference between your imagination and reality, so if you rehearse your success in your mind again and again, then your subconscious will believe in it and make it happen one day.


Want your dream more than anything. Every successful individual has had a burning desire or will to achieve their goals. The Wright brothers didn’t invent the aeroplane because there was nothing on the television to watch. They had a burning desire or will to succeed and kept going, even in the face of setbacks.


X-Factor is what will make you distinguishable from the others. When you are motivated, you manage to put on “extras” in your life like extra time for family, extra help at work, and extra care for friends. This X-Factor puts you aside from the crowd and marks you out for success.


You are unique on your own. No one in this world peeks, acts, thinks or talks like you. Appreciate your unique gifts, whatever they are and utilise them for your success.

Zero in on your dreams, and your aim and make them happen!!!

The A-Z Of Motivation holds your path to achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. All the people in your surrounding trying to pull you down and waiting for you to fail, but using this A-Z Of Motivation you stay motivated and positive.

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