20 Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking – Authne

20 Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking - Authne

Many Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking

20 Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking is a creative thinking process to train your main to achieve any goals in your life. 

When our brains go negative that can destroy our productivity, creativity, and decision-making skills. That’s because negative thoughts manage to have a bigger effect than positive thoughts. Again, this goes back to evolution. Survival depended on being able to notice and avoid dangerous situations.  

Some assume that an incredible 80 per cent of our thoughts are negative and you train your brain to have more negative thoughts over positive thoughts

Negativity will destroy you unless you build yourself a positivity trajectory. To do that, spend one minute looking for positive thinking over negative thoughts at least 3 times a day by using these 20 Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking. So, let’s start the training the mind on positive thinking

Training The Mind On Positive Thinking

1. Start the day with joys and smiles 

Your whole day turns on how you greet the morning. Therefore, as long as you welcome it with energy and high morale, everything will go okay. You don’t want the rest of the day to get destroyed, do you? Come on, smile! It doesn’t command anything but is worth everything. 

2. Ask for guidance 

Only God knows what we will be having on the day forward of us. He will surely admire a few minutes of praying and asking for guidance from him. Also, have faith in him that he is more than willing to endow our requests as long as it is for our own good. With God as our guide, we don’t have any justification not to say and believe in the thought that I can do this. I can make it through this day. Nothing is impossible. Later all, God is with me. 

3. Plan the day ahead 

To avoid mistakes that will cause negative output on your daily actions that will, later on, become negative thoughts, it is better to plan your work first; after which, work on your plan. Make sure today’s goals are absolutely defined and absorbed by your mind. This can be done actually before you get out of bed each day, just so immediate addressing problems as they arise can be avoided. 

4. Keep your mind focused on important Work

Set goals and preferences for what you think and do. Visualize practising your activities. Develop a strategy for dealing with situations. Focus on things that need to be taken seriously, but at the same time, take time to relax and enjoy. This way, favourable effects may take place. 

5. Be detached from the outcome

They say that life is like a Ferris Wheel; occasionally, you’re on the top, and sometimes at the bottom. This means that there will be times in our lives when some things would not turn out according to what we like them to be. Don’t be upset if you don’t get what you desire. However, do your best in everything you do. Only, don’t get too attached to the possible results that may only cause disappointments and upsets. 

6. Try new things and challenges 

See learning and modifications as opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with changing attitudes and routines as long as they are for the good and advancement of who you are and what you do. Doing new things may include believing more options for a project, meeting new people from different places, and asking lots of questions. Through this, the flow of thinking is required to improve and negative thoughts will be easily eradicated. 

7. Balance your desires 

We live in a suspicious and dual life – gain and loss, pleasure and pain, light and dark, male and female, love and hate. This is how the life cycle functions. We can never have all the good specialities in life at the same time. In love, there will always be somebody who gets hurt. In wealth, there will always be somebody who will not be fortunate enough. Measure and moderation is the primary key to balancing your desire.

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8. Be realistic

Make sure that what you want is something achievable in your life. Hoping for something to happen which would never really happen in your real life will only bring you disappointment. For example, you wish to lose weight. Therefore, you have to set a goal or target and act on appropriate measures within a period of duration to achieve what you wish. Hey, No one can get slimmer overnight, you have to plan and execute. 

9. Keep track of your mental and physical health 

This way, you will know how far you can keep believing and Know yourself. There is no other individual in the world who can tell who you really are. Know your passions, aims, favourites, and principles. Spend some quality time by yourself – reading, listening to music, daydreaming, and your preferences. If you know yourself fully, you will be mindful of how far can you go physically, mentally, and emotionally

10. Love yourself 

Before you expect other individuals to love and adore you, it is always you who needs to love yourself first. Make a positive affirmation to yourself, to learning, work, family, friends, nature, and other worthwhile causes. Praise yourself as much as you glorify others once in a while. When you start feeling confident about yourself, positive thoughts will inherently flow to your mind. 

11. Laugh

Enjoy. Have fun. Looking at the brighter side of life starts with enjoyment and pleasure. Laughter is the best medicine for mental health, so they say. Whether your condition is physical or emotional, a few laughs and chuckles can help you throw away heavy luggage such as anxiety, disappointment, or nervousness. 

12. Keep a list of your goals, aims and actions

Enlighten yourself with specialities you want to accomplish and with the ways, you must undertake to complete them. By the time you are confident of what you want to do and carry out in your life, a stronger mind and willpower will exist within you. 

13. Associate with positive individuals

In every classroom, workplace, or just anywhere you go where there are groups of individuals, look for optimistic ones. There are lots of them, I’m sure. Associate with them, hang out with them and discuss matters, whatever is going on. They can help you build self-confidence, self-esteem and a positive attitude. 

14. Make it a habit to ask some questions

This is not an equal part of dumbness and ignorance; rather, it is associated with seeking more information and understanding matters clearly, how it’s going?. With more knowledge, there is also more powerful. 

15. Be open 

We have to endure the fact that we don’t know everything. And that we are always learning in every place we go, with every people we meet as every day departs. We should not close our minds to new ideas and information that comes our way day by day. Our mind is so immense that it is impossible to fill it up entirely. Thus, we should accept worthy metiers that may help us become better and brighter persons. 

16. Have trust in other people

Although it may seem complicated and risky to give trust to just any people, when you believe in them or are confident in what they are doing for you, doubts and negative critiques of them will be undeserved. Also, it will bring agreeable relationships between you and your coworkers. 

17. Forgive and forget

Mistakes and failures are the root causes of negative thinking in your life. If we somehow learn to let go of all the distress, agony, and fear we try to keep inside our hearts and minds, then there will be nothing more to block our clear thoughts from being expressed to you. Forgive yourself for executing mistakes and forget these mistakes. 

18. Learn from experiences

Learning inside the classroom is different from learning outside the classroom. In school, one learns the lesson first before taking examinations; but in real life, one takes the test first before learning the lesson. This test in the real life is our experience. If we failed that test, i.e. the experience is not so good, we study the circumstances and learn the lesson. From here, we can avoid executing the same mistake twice. 

19. Count your blessings

Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have. The absence of our wishes will only bring dissatisfaction and disappointment that will only waste our time. Rather, be thankful and appreciative of all the blessings we receive. 

20. Kiss your worries goodbye 

At the end of every day, before going to sleep, there is no need to keep harmful experiences and unhappy moments that had occurred in the day within you. Let them go, throw them out of the window and kiss them goodbye. Dream sweetly. As a new day unfolds, new hope arises. Keep believing. Work on them. Always have faith.


I have discussed all the possible ways to train your mind. By following these 20 Ways Of Training The Mind On Positive Thinking, you can achieve any reasonable goals, and overcome any situations with this positive thinking approach.

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