12 Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

12 Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

The 12 Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power is intended to build positive visuals, acquire mind power and help you achieve your dreams and desires that may be as varied as improving your personality, increasing your wealth, attracting love and making yourself attractive.

Follow these steps I have especially found to help anyone who is new to the Power of Creative Visualization. And The 12 Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power is intended to build positive visuals to achieved any dream. 

Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

Step One: 

Choose a peaceful place, which is free from all distractions, interruptions or disturbances. This may precisely be inside a bus or in your own room. The idea is to be able to concentrate in any environment that you find appropriate. The ideal is to be able to concentrate in any circumstances that you find suitable. The ideal time, however, I have encountered to be is, early in the morning or before going to bed. The perfect place, however, may be anywhere as long as you can concentrate.

Step Two: 

Feel relaxed. Wear loose clothes or else relieve your belt and tie. Tight clothing that forces into the abdomen, everything from jeans to belts and contraction undergarments, can be problematic, “particularly and specifically when somebody overeats.

Step Three: Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

Be comfortable. Keep your spine straight. Loosen your hands. Relax! This reduces your body tension and helps your blood circulate efficiently. Also, Good posture is about more than standing up straight so you can look your finest. It is a necessary part of your long-term health.

Step Four: 

Close your eyes. That way your material world does not interrupt you and you can concentrate or focus on your mental world. But avoid assuaging your eyes. Close them gently. In fact, once you focus on your illustrations, you may find your eyes closing naturally.

Step Five: 

Breathe naturally. Let your body roll with the beat of your breathing. Listen to that rhythm of breathing. Adjust your sleeping position so you can avoid snoring while breathing. By practising good posture while breathing, you’ll be able to breathe more virtually and efficiently, allowing for more ease in both your everyday and physical activities.

Step Six: Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

Now initiate the process of visualization. Create the key illustrations of the subject you have chosen. Create the shape. Add colour. Build the sound. Sense them! Focus on them. See them as sharply and obviously as you can with your mind’s eye.

Step Seven: 

Put yourself in the pictures you have created. You must be inside the illustration so as to let your subconscious mind know that the image you see that leads to your goal is really meant for you, and not for anyone else.

Step Eight: 

Feel the picture you have created. Now that you are inside the picture visualise yourself to be leading the time you see. Feel the circumstances. Watch how distant it feels to lead a life that you had desired. Convey your images alive.

Step Nine: 

Experience the illustrations with all your emotions. See! Hear! Smell! Feel how it feels to have achieved your goals or target. Let the excitement and pleasure of success flow through you. Let the joy of success build in you. Sense and feel your success.

Step Ten: Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

Once you have experienced your pictures with emotion, let your mind go blank. If you hold on to your pictures for too long, the pictures might disappear due to overexposure. So, let go of it.

Step Eleven: 

Create a room in your mind to receive what you desire. Express to yourself what you desire – like, “I deserve to be healthy”, “I deserve to be rich and famous.” By doing this, you not only let your subconscious mind support the image, you literally achieve your success.

Step Twelve: Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power

Feel creative while creating the pictures. I have given you the basic guidelines in the following messengers to create visuals that will help you achieve your goals. You may change them accordingly to fit your needs. The more the pictures meet your specific needs, the more effective they will be.

These then are the 12 Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind Power. Remember, it is better to visualize 2-3 times a day for a shorter duration than to visualize for a long period during the day. By doing this, the quality of visuals remains fresh instead of becoming stale and plaid and exhausting all energy out of you.

Steps one to ten might take you around 5-and 10 minutes. It is better if you do not extend it. Rather, repeat it at different time frames daily.

When you release the picture after this brief exercise, your mind hypnosis will become free of the mindpower you had activated. But your subconscious mind power keeps on supporting the image you had seen during hypnosis. This helps your goal or dreams to be a reality.

The 12 Steps Hypnosis to Acquire Mind power that I have explained above is the most powerful tool in this world. When you switch on your mind power and develop it to creative visualization for turning your dreams into reality – then, that is exactly what will happen. Your dreams will become reality. Remember, with your mind, you can rule the world.

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