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How to Discover Your Path to Success

How to discover your path to success is a most authenticate question that leaves more than one question together like Define What Success Means to You? Yield the Linear? Welcome New Opportunities? Make Short-Term and Long-Term Goals? Consider a Career Change at any moment?

The Path to Success

The Path to Success can easily be likened to the “genie trapped in a bottle.” For many of us, it is a matter of finding a way to open the bottle, and then, follow a typical path. This path is filled with surprises, and traps, along the way, so it is wise to expand your vision by understanding as you go.

To many people, the path to success is a “fairytale” and as elusive as a Yeti. In fact, The Path to success is just around the corner, and sometimes already exists, as a hidden treasure. I am not talking about sunken ships or Bermuda triangles. What I am referring to are some skills you already possess, friends and family who will help you, and actions that you already have made.

When you put these hidden treasures, together, with your end goal or aim in mind, you are on your way toward success. Now let’s look at a method to move forward every day, live a quality life, and help everyone around you, in the process.

Write all of your goals or aims down, and keep them in a place that you will see. This could be on a piece of paper in your pocket, on your desktop, in a notebook, in your diary, on your palm pilot or anything else. Wherever you put this information, it should be a place where you will see it, daily.

Separate realistic from lofty goals or targets, but don’t throw lofty goals out. Also, distinct short-term goals, from long-term goals, and design evaluated time frames, for measured consequences. You don’t have to share this with anyone unless they share the same goal or target. If you have, at least, one close friend, spouse, or family, who conveys the same dream, you are in a very strong position.

Yet, you don’t need to be a “politician” to be successful, if you learn to focus on your goals, day-by-day. Now we have to go over a few queries that will also help you design your road map toward success.

Will your path to success hurt anyone? Will you have to step on anyone to get what you want?

If you answered yes to either one of the above queries, you should redefine your goal or goals, so you can achieve them without harming somebody in the process. If that is impossible, throw that goal out, and move on. Your goals should help individuals and be morally sound.

Do you have a real passion for your success?

This one is also significant because, if your goal is “flipping burgers” for money, it won’t be long, before that gets old. I have yet to meet a person, who has a real passion for flipping burgers. Please don’t get me wrong, some individuals are very good at it, but I have known many short-order cooks, who wish they were doing something else except “slaving” over a hot stove.

What you prefer, must be something you love doing, and the money will follow. There are so many individuals, who craft an profession, based upon money independently, and learn to regret it. If you have a purpose in life you have “self-worth.” Self-worth is a very valuable secret treasure.

Time taken for self-analysis is so important in developing your path to success. Let’s continue with a few more questions to ask ourselves – before we go into the heart of the formula for the path to success.

Are you easily distracted from your Path to Success

Most people cannot focus on their path to success, without getting “sidetracked.” When this cannot be helped, you can develop a new skill set, through meditation, self-hypnosis, or comprehending not to give up. You can learn to meditate in a type of way. 

Picture it like this: Christopher Columbus actually had a one-dimensional personality; he was focused on discovering an alternate route to Asia, to the point of being a poor “family man.” However, unlike most individuals, he stayed focused and never gave up.

Now you don’t have to give up everything in life to achieve any goal, but you have to focus on your goal, avoid giving up, getting depressed, and make up your mind to enjoy the path to success. It is still wise to have a full life by allowing time for your family and friends. If you stay on a straight course, you will be “ahead in the game,” but you will have to mentally concentrate on your end result, even in bad economic times.

Can you rationally split good advice from bad?

You will hear multiple opinions – some will be constructive, and others will be useless. You will have to know the difference, by considering all advice without emotion, and with an open mind.

Is the top reward worth the cost and sacrifice?

You should already know that you may invest time, money, work, or all three, to reach your highest goal. Imagine yourself reaching your ultimate objective, and if it is worth all of the sacrifice, then you should move on to the next step.

Start moving forward now. If you didn’t write your goals down, consider them, and prioritize them, you should go back to part one again, to finish that assignment. Much similar to an enterprise, you must have a written plan to move forward.

Just don’t worry about getting it ideal. None of us ever do, and your plans will change as you go. In fact, life is adapting to a continually changing universe. Most of us cannot accurately forecast the cycles of the economy. We design a plan and are ready to turn on a dime if required. Everything in life is subject to shift and all of us have to accept it.

Acknowledging this, you now proceed with caution toward your short-term goals. 

Once you have prepared your path to success, there is no need to “wait until next year.”

Put your path to success into action and take one forward step at a time. This one step is the biggest of all your steps, and your commitment to succeed in your “guiding light.”

Now, what were the “hidden treasures” you found in the above paragraphs? The answer is the focus, commitment, and acceptance. You already have them; all you need to do is get the most out of what you already have decided on your path to success. 

If you have read this far, we both know you are serious about your path to success, getting the most out of life, and attaining your goals.

Now, how do you “keep the fire burning” during life’s day-to-day struggles? It’s simple really but will require the calmness to take each task into consideration, without doing everything at once.

You will get the desire to make up for a lost time. You now want to jump ahead at “light speed.” So many people sit around and dream, doubt, or just talk, but very few take a step and then stick with it.

The next forward step is to get a “coach.” You are now thinking, these coaches are expensive, and you are right, but you don’t have to spend much. Here’s how it works: Look for the most positive individual you can find, see, or hear, around you. This person is full of positive energy, and all you have to do is attend and listen.

You can be selective about advice, but realize that positive energy is infectious, and you will walk away from discussions with positive energy, too. On the other hand, stay away from the negative talk; it is also infectious.

Are you lack more positive energy? No problem – read articles like this, read self-improvement books, or listen to inspirational audiobooks, to instil positive energy within you. You can’t fail with a steady dose of positive energy to carry you through the daytime.

So how do you split good information from bad? Where do you begin, and what, or who, would you listen to first? it’s a good idea to gain positive energy by choosing the path to success that you find interesting.

If I instruct you on a classic self-improvement book, you might find it boring. 

However, if you start to read some books and articles and can’t put it down, you are getting positive energy and you are enjoying it.

Do yourself a favour, and get a self-improvement source today. You don’t have to implement all of the directions you read – just take what fits into your lifestyle.

Now, let’s examine visualization. This is an extremely powerful treasure, and all of us have the mastery to visualize it. Ever since the first human had an imagination, and it came to pass, the power of visualization has built entire civilizations.

Think about what you want, close your eyes, fantasise about it, and see that you have achieved it. This is only an exercise, but it is an exercise toward your path to success. Never obscure visualization with “pipe dreams.” Visualization is an exercise to develop positive energy, move forward, and accomplish goals.

The secret treasures you found today are patience, the ability to learn, and visualization. Again, you already had them, but patience will need a little extra work, as it does for all of us. Before we do, yet, let’s discuss a treasure that most of us have been exposed to, but don’t take closely enough time out of our day to focus on – the power of prayer. This may offend some individuals, but I hope it does not; as that is not my intent.

As humans, we have progressed in so many courses, but we have lost touch with our bodies, nature, and the power of prayer. There seems to be a spiritual renaissance, of sorts, going on in the “new age” activity.

However, there are a large number of children growing up with no spiritual advice at all. There are multiple reasons, and excuses, for this, but a large portion of this age of children could grow up, out of touch, with their spiritual health.

Always recognise thatwhole health deals with mind, body, and spirit, as they are interconnected. If these three components are healthy, you are in good shape at any period.

What does this have to do with the path to success? Well, Believe does make the leading ally in your path to success. Your prayers do honour the belief in God’s presence – by giving thanks and asking for help, in times of need. You will feel much better, and prayer spreads to every religion.

Personally, the importance does not lie in what faith you are; however, a lack of faith does seem to run parallel with depression. This is classified as a spiritual illness, which will have a negative impact on you mentally, physically, or totally.

The concept of belief does not apply to all devotions, but the concept of prayer does. If you try it, you will cure the inside out.

The following resources start with classics with suggestions for following the path to success.

The Law of Success, by Napoleon Hill – 1928

How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie – 1936

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill – 1937

The Power of Positive Thinking, by Dr Norman Vincent Peale – 1952

Atomic Habits: by James Clear 

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind: by Joseph Murphy 

Each of these path to Success books can be found in audio format, which makes them very handy, specifically if you are commuting during your working time. The fact is – this is a good starting point before venturing out and uncovering the hidden treasures in print, eBooks, or audiobooks.

Now you have the last secret treasures to carve your own path to success. If you put these principles into activity, there is no way you can fail. May your journey be a satisfying and safe one.

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