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UPSC study materials

UPSC aspirants who want to begin their preparation might feel confused about how to begin the study, what exactly to study from the UPSC study materials and how to know which topics should be given priority, etc.

In this article, we will be talking about the Top UPSC Study material and IAS Coaching in India to give you the right direction to start your preparation.

So, don’t worry anymore as we understand your problem as well we believe that education should be accessible to one and all. That’s precisely why we have compiled a series of free study materials for you, that will help you get a general idea and clarity over your subject and that too free of cost which you can read in the comfort of your home. 

Top UPSC study material are as follows-

  1. Textbooks -Download the NCERT textbook pdf from the internet. Reading from NCERT Text Books (Class 6 – 12) is a must for basic understanding and should not be skipped.
  2. NIOS (National School of Open Learning) provides study material for various subjects. One can easily get access to them by tapping on this link-
  3. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) provides free study material for various courses and it is one of the most trusted open universities in India. One can get access to these materials by clicking on this link-
  4. Download magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra.
  5. Download the previous year’s question papers to know the overall pattern and the difficulty level of exams by going through the official website of UPSC.
  6.  Follow this link to get updates about the budget, speeches, economic surveys, etc.
  7.  Follow this link to get insights and updates on global relations.
  8. You can also refer to educational platforms like Byjus, Unacademy, Drishti IAS, Jagran Josh, etc.
  9. Last but not the least, always rely on your own notes and not just on UPSC study materials. Study them. Be your own guide.

Top IAS Coaching in India

Every year, thousands and lakhs of students sit for the UPSC examination but not everyone is able to qualify for it. Only some thousands make it to UPSC. This is because even when a student has studied properly and dedicatedly, he or she didn’t get the right guidance and direction. And that is why coaching institutes are needed. It is not easy to clear UPSC in the first attempt, especially with no prior knowledge, so it is recommended to enrol yourself in a top coaching institute to get the guidance you need to clear the exam and pursue your dream career. Below is a list of the top five coaching institutes in India-

  1. Plutus IAS Coaching– Plutus IAS Coaching is one of the most popular coaching institutes and in good names since 2001 and it stands at Rank 1 of the top IAS Coaching Institutes in India. Plutus has a rich faculty of experienced teachers and modern amenities are provided for the welfare and comfort of students. The classroom capacity is small and thus personalised teaching method for selected students to lead them to better outcomes in the exam is their objective. Courses for Prelims, Miand and Interviews are provided and along with that, online class facilities are also given in both English and Hindi languages.
  1. Yojna IAS-  This coaching institution stands at rank 2 and it aims at providing quality education to students by recognizing their talents and encouraging their potential. Its upgraded and latest teaching techniques have helped students secure good marks in the exam. The learning programs are cost-effective and they provide extensively designed study materials. The batch accommodates fewer students for better classroom space and teacher-student interaction. There are other facilities provided by the institute which include online lectures, backup classes, an electronic library, and a well-planned study structure.
  1. Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching– This coaching stands at 3rd rank with its constant efforts to provide students with better coaching facilities. The different facilities provided here are- a very interactive classroom experience, good postal courses for distance learning students, regular classes on current affairs discussion which includes newspaper reading classes, guidance, and tips for cracking interviews during the first week of December every year, hostel and library facilities, good faculty, etc.
  1. Drishti IAS Coaching-  This coaching institute stands at 4th rank but is known as the best coaching institute for IAS in India as it covers UPSC courses from basic to advanced level, great faculty of experienced teachers large batch of students providing many candidates access to hugh quality education. The medium of teaching is in English and Telugu students can accesss free classroom videos. Apart from that, there are regular discussions on current affairs, highly updated test series to keep up with the trends of paper and quick revisions at regular intervals.
  1. Shankar IAS Academy- This institute is the 5th ranked coaching institute established in 2004 and provides one of the best preparation for UPSC in India. The faculty for teaching students are selected very properly to ensure the best is taught. The features of Shankar IAS Academy includes doubt clearance clases, special classes for crash courses, guest lecture classes by high-ranking toppers from previous years, inspiring seminars to boost confidence, great hostel facilities, free classes for interview guidance, online and offline mode of lectures, regular mock tests for revision, etc.

If you have reached the end of the article, you must have got a comprehensive list of websites and platforms which you can go through for Top UPSC Study Materials and IAS Coaching in India. After going through these websites, you can decide for yourself what goes best for you and then you can stick to some of them and follow the notes and teachings dedicatedly. 

UPSC does test your hard work, but also your smart work. So, be smart and selective with the study materials you gather and prepare your syllabus accordingly.

It is important is to gather the information from the lectures and retain it as much as possible. Remember, coaching and study materials are only to guide you. It’s you who has to study on your own and give exams. So, based on the materials prepare a self-study strategy and work hard!

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