How to Prepare for UPSC Interview

How to Prepare for UPSC Interview

How to Prepare for UPSC Interview

An overview regarding  How to Prepare for UPSC Interview 

How to Prepare for UPSC Interview is the Personality Test round to assess the knowledge as well as the personality of candidates.

In this round, selected candidates are called for the interview where they have face questions from the panel members of the board of UPSC. 

 As this is the final round and one has to instantly answer questions wittily, one gets scared and panicked of sitting in the interview room naturally, even if he/she is a good student.

So, this article is going to discuss how to prepare for the UPSC interview that would ensure your success! The Interview round is the final hurdle of the race and you want to cross this obstacle.

Tips regarding how to prepare for the UPSC interview 

Step 1: Focus on current affairs as well as all general yet important topics. You need to have a  strong grasp of the subject you wish to pursue further. So, keep revising important topics and keep a check on expected questions that might be asked in interviews. 

        A better way to do this is to maintain a notebook where you make a list of those questions and keep ticking on the questions you feel you are prepared to answer. In this way, you can track your progress easily.

Step 2: The interviewer needs to know how smart your personality is. How better you carry yourself. So, you need to focus on improving your body language, dressing skills, and most importantly, communication skills. Try joining group conversations with peers or delivering lectures to yourself to boost your confidence. 

Step 3: While you practice communication and personality development, don’t forget to also keep your sensitivity and compassionate side alive. The interviewer doesn’t just need to know how much knowledge you have of a particular subject, but what’s your take on it, how sensitive you are on that subject and how would you like to approach it in your way, etc. 

          For eg: if you are asked something related to women’s empowerment. Tell everything you know about it as well as mention what do you feel should be the necessary changes and how it can impact society, etc. 

Step 4: Have a clear strategy. Be clear about the points that you want the board of members to know. Speak about your achievements and projects clearly, when any question arises related to your area of expertise. But, don’t start speaking about achievements directly or else it would offer a bad impression of you.

Step 5: Make sure to invest time while filling up your DAF (Detailed Application Form). For doing this, you have to go to the official UPSC website. The interviewer tends to ask questions based on your entries in the DAF. Only include things that you feel you are comfortable speaking about. Read your DAF time and again and prepare according to that.

Step 6: Have a positive attitude, and answer questions with honesty.

Step 7: Don’t give a detailed summary of things you know. Learn to keep it short and crisp as you learned in different IAS Coaching in India.

Step 8: The last step is just to be yourself and be as calm as possible. Avoid being panicked as a panicked mind will lead to negative outcomes. Practice calmness and confidence.

Conclusion and tips

All necessary tips regarding How to Prepare for the UPSC interview have been gathered from the experience of UPSC toppers themselves and have been summed up in the article above. 

      For all the UPSC Aspirants, we would like to conclude that as much as these tips would benefit you, it is equally important for you to focus on your self-belief. Ask yourself first about what are the career prospects you want to go in? How is UPSC going to help you achieve your dreams and then decide for yourself? Don’t let yourself down by putting on too much pressure and doubt. Be confident. Be calm. And stay motivated. 

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