Career Option and Courses After 12th in Arts Stream

For Career Option and Courses After 12th in Arts Stream

Career Option After 12th in Arts Stream

  • For Career Option and Courses After 12th in Arts Stream, How many of you’ve got wondered what will be the best employment prospects? Per annum, uncountable students within the arts stream finish their higher secondary test (class 12). And therefore the one question they need after finishing their board examinations is, “What do I do after 12th arts?” What are the most effective career option for arts students?
  • Students that study arts in their 12th grade have the advantage of having the ability to decide on from a spread of job opportunities and career option after graduation. This is often thanks to the massive number of job alternatives available to arts majors, making this a varied sector with a good range of opportunities.
  • The following could be a list of some excellent post-secondary arts courses to consider:


Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.) as Career Option

  • Bachelor of Arts could be a three-year full-time undergraduate programme in humanities, social sciences, and study. It comes in a very form of various specialities. Students must choose a serious (honours topic) and some optional subjects as a part of this undergraduate programme.
  • For arts students, a BA is one of the foremost common employment alternatives.
  • Students with a B.A. speciality have lots of flexibility when it involves deepening their cultural understanding and communication skills.
  • The best part of earning a B.A. honours is that students have access to a good range of labor prospects in fields like academia, tourism and hospitality, aviation, banking and financial services, media and entertainment, and government agencies.
  • India’s B.A. Salary Scale:
India's B.A. Salary Scale
India’s B.A. Salary Scale

Bachelor of Business Administration ( B.B.A)

  • After class 12th, the foremost wanted and pursued bachelor degree career possibilities include Bachelor of Business Administration. The best thing about the B.B.A. programme is that it’s receptive to students from all three academic disciplines: arts, commerce, and science. It is a three-year full-time undergraduate programme that ends up in jobs during a style of industries, including sales, marketing, and finance.
  • A B.B.A. curriculum gives a solid basis for college kids to develop business acumen, business administration, and entrepreneurial abilities, allowing them to require on and handle leadership roles efficiently. any person fascinated by pursuing a B.B.A. degree must have outstanding communication skills, a problem-solving mindset, time management abilities, and a robust sense of teamwork. Students can earn their B.B.A. degree either full-time or through correspondence.
  • India’s BBA Salary Scale:
India's BBA Salary Scale
India’s BBA Salary Scale

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M)

  • The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication could be a three-year programme with six semesters. Print journalism, television and radio production, advertising and promotion, event management, social media, film studies, and media law and ethics are among the topics covered within the curriculum.
  • The wide course curriculum is well-balanced to permit students to develop technical abilities altogether key areas of the degree while also imparting theoretical information about their characteristics and applications.
  • A B.J.M. degree is intended to provide socially responsible media workers who are data-driven and have strong oratory and communication abilities. Students are exposed to and introduced to several different parts of media over the course of three years, and as a result, they’re prepared to require real-world industry employment after completing the degree, making this one of the highest courses after 12th arts.
  • India’s BMJ Salary Scale:
India’s BMJ Salary Scale
India’s BMJ Salary Scale

Integrated Law Course (B.A + L.L.B)

  • An integrated legal study, because the name suggests, consists of two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Legislative Law (L.L.B.). The course is 5 years long, divided into ten semesters because it incorporates two full-fledged courses. the most important advantage of doing an integrated legal course is that you just can earn two degrees from one programme.
  • A degree is sometimes required to pursue an L.L.B. degree. However, if you enrol in an integrated law programme, you’ll be able to begin studying law immediately after graduating from high school. Integrated law programmes are fully recognised by the Indian Bar Council. As a result, students with a B.A. + L.L.B. degree can sit for the Bar Council of India test to receive a knowledgeable licence to practise law, making it one of the most effective degrees to pursue after 12th-grade arts.

Bachelor Of Fashion Design (B.F.D)

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design may be a three- to a four-year undergraduate programme intended specifically for people that want to figure within the rag trade. The B.F.D. the curriculum focuses on current fashion trends and teaches students a way to create unique designs for clothing, jewellery, footwear, and accessories, among other things.
  • Students aren’t only introduced to the ever-changing world of fashion, but they’re also taught a way to develop items that supported market trends and client needs using various creative and analytical techniques/tools.
  • Students can rummage around for work prospects with major fashion houses within the country after graduating with a B.F.D. they’ll move to worldwide platforms after some years of professional expertise. Retail adviser, Retail Buyer, Personal Shopper, Merchandiser, Textile Designer, and more positions are available to B.F.D. graduates.
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design Salary in India:
Bachelor of Fashion Design Salary in India
Bachelor of Fashion Design Salary in India

Bachelor Of Hotel Management (B.H.M)

  • A baccalaureate in the hotel management may be a three- to four-year undergraduate management programme that prepares students to figure within the hospitality business. Tourism, event management, housing management, and therefore the food and beverage business are among the specialist areas covered within the course.
  • Students have several opportunities to amass and improve their interpersonal skills, communication skills, negotiation abilities, and customer service skills throughout the course. They also develop a pointy business sense and an eye fixed for detail, two essential facets of the hospitality industry. BHM is one of the foremost popular courses after 12th arts for these reasons.
  • Candidates who complete the B.H.M. programme successfully can apply for a spread of positions, including hotelman, Accommodation Manager, Meeting & assistant, and so on.
  • India’s B.H.M salary scale:
India’s B.H.M salary scale
India’s B.H.M salary scale

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  • All young minds thinking “Career Options and Courses After 12th in Arts Stream” should examine the amount of time, difficulty level, and cost of the course before deciding which subject to pursue after graduation. Any of the best courses after 12th arts described above would almost likely land you a fantastic job, allowing you to enjoy the start of your professional life.
  • So there you have it: a thorough list of some of the most promising post-secondary arts jobs! We’ve included both hot and cold employment options so you can have a better idea of what’s coming up and plan your next steps accordingly.

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