Can You Invest Rs 100 in Share Market?

Can You Invest Rs 100 in Share Market

Can You Invest Rs 100 in Share Market? Is the one of them mots aksed question on search engine?  The answer is “Yes” You can certainly trade or invest Rs 100 in the Indian stock or share market. There are no monetary conditions to enter the stock market hence you can buy any share that is trading under Rs 100. Apart from direct stock investing/ trading, there are some indirect methods to own shares over Rs 100. This can be accomplished through Mutual Funds.

Can you start trade or invest Rs 100 in Stock Market?

In a simple word, YES! you can trade or invest in the Indian stock market with as small as Rs 100 but there are some limitations to that. In the Indian stock markets, there are no minimum budgets required to enter. Therefore a person with a Demat & Trading account can begin to invest with a capital of as low as say Rs 100 in the share market. But the main limitation to that is he can only buy companies whose stock prices are less than Rs 100/ per share.

In the U.S there is a concept of fractional shares of any company where you can buy any fraction of a share. For example, if you want to buy half of a share of Apple, Amazon or Facebook like companies that are feasible in the U.S. but that concept of fraction share in India is not feasible for now.

In the Indian markets, the minimum number of shares that you require to buy is ‘one’. So with a capital of Rs 100, you can buy any stock which is presently trading below Rs 100 to invest in the share market. For example, the stock of Reliance and TCS like companies that are trading for more than above Rs 2500 per share, so you can not buy these shares.

Similarly, if you want to buy a stock of Yes bank or Vodafone Idea, which is currently trading around Rs 10-15, you can buy them or trade them. (However, it is not a stock recommendation, before buying any stock make a thorough research, there are many articles on Authne, that can help you to pick a better stock)

How to invest in the share market?

This occurs to be one of the most usually asked questions by beginners. They like to know as what is the minimum amount with which they can begin their investment in the stock market. The question is pertinent. When in the Indian Stock market the stocks are available at as less as Rs. 10 and the stocks of some of the big companies like Reliance Communication, IDBI Bank, Bombay Dyeing, Idea Cellular, Tata Power, TCS, Wipro etc., fall within the price rate of Rs. 100, you can start your first investment with any amount somewhere between 100 to 1000 or even more.

What are Stock Markets?

Stock markets are a marketplace where stocks of listed companies are traded (buy and sell). Here people like you and us can buy any number of shares for trading as well as for investment objectives. In India there are two primary stock markets, they are the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). In the Indian stock market over 7,462 companies were listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) across India.

Demat Account

You can buy and sell any stock from these NSE or BSE exchanges with the help of a Trading Account and store them in your Demat Account

For opening these trading and Demat accounts, you’ll require some key documents like your PAN Card, Aadhar card (or document proof), Savings Bank (to link with your trading account), and a laptop/mobile with an internet connection to finish the account opening procedure and to trade/invest.

Now, looking into the account opening charges and the annual maintenance fee for Demat and trading accounts, most stockbrokers may charge you somewhere between Rs 200–300 to open your Demat account. However, many leading stockbrokers are also presenting FREE Demat account openings. If you do not want to pay account opening charges, you can go with these FREE accounts with top stock brokers.

If you’re just starting out, we’ll suggest you set up your stock brokerage account with any of the below-mentioned stock brokers:

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 It is the No 1 Stockbroker in India for the purpose of Demat/Trading for now. It is a discount broker having more than +5 Million active clients. They have zero brokerage on delivery trades and Rs 20 Per Order on all other Trades.  Their instant Online Demat Account Opening Charges: Rs 200 for Equity + Rs 100 for a commodity (Optional).

To open a Demat/trading account with Zerodha, Click here

Angel Broking

It is a free Demat/Trading Account provider with a full-service broker with a flat brokerage having more than 4 Million active clients. They charge Rs 0 Brokerage on Equity Delivery and Rs 20 per order for Intraday‎ and F&O trade. There are zero account opening charges.

Open a FREE Demat/Trading Account with Angel Broking Click Here


It is a discount Broker backed by Tiger Global & Ratan Tata. The segments in which you can invest (include Equity, Commodity, Currency, Futures and Options) through Upstox. Their account opening charges are Free, Account Maintenance Charges are ₹ 249 and Call & Trade Charges are ₹ 20. 

Open a FREE Demat/Trading Account with Upstox Click Here


It is a discount Broker, and currently offers investment in Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Gold and Fixed deposits. The segments in which you can invest (include Equity, Mutual funds, Gold and FDs) through Groww. Their account opening charges are Free, Account Maintenance Charges are free, and Equity Delivery Brokerage and Equity Intraday Brokerage are 0.05% or Rs 20 whichever is less. 

Open a FREE Demat/Trading Account with Groww Click Here

Also, please also note that there are Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for setting up these trading or Demat accounts. You have to pay Rs 300 per year for Zerodha, and Rs 249 per year for Upstox as AMC. Angel broking has currently waived off its first year AMC and from the second year onwards you have to pay an Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) of Rs 450 with Angel Broking. Normally, this Annual Maintenance Charges Charge is between Rs 300–500 for most of the leading stock brokers in India.

How to find good stocks with a Share Price of less than Rs 100? 

Now, let us discuss how to invest Rs 100 in the share market and find stocks with a share price of less than Rs 100 to invest. There are a lot of stock screeners available in the market using which you can easily filter stocks whose current share price is less than Rs 100 to invest.

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There is nothing a fixed or minimum amount to start an investment in the stock market. It all depends on the investor’s willingness, comfort and risk-taking ability to make an investment of a certain amount. But Before you Invest Rs 100 in any share market as a thumb rule, beginners are recommended to make investments with a lesser amount and grow as wise investors. Before you invest Rs 100 as your first investment, completely research the company and future perspective. 

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