What is Stock Broker? | Best Stock Brokers in India

What is Stockbroker Best Stock Brokers in India

Stock Brokers

Stock Brokers act as middlemen, buying and selling equities on behalf of other investors. They generate money by charging you a commission to buy and sell securities and then buying and selling products for you. Some stockbrokers may also purchase and sell options, futures contracts, and bonds on your behalf. 

Who are Stock Brokers?

A stockbroker is a person who makes investments for others, usually through buying and selling stocks. This is the most common job for an investment banker. A stockbroker helps people buy and sell stocks at a fair price. They buy stocks for their clients when conditions are favorable and sell them when they’re not.

What do Stock Brokers do?

Stockbrokers are those who earn a living by trading equities on the stock exchange. They assist businesses in raising funds by selling shares to investors. These are in charge of maintaining the market running by ensuring that all deals are recorded and completed accurately, which is required for the market to run as smoothly as possible. They are known as the “quotidian priests” because they are in charge of the market’s quotidian functions, such as keeping it open and running properly.

History of Stock Brokers

1. Stock brokerage may be traced back to the 1600s when Dutch dealers began trading in company shares.

2. Stock brokerage began to play a larger role in the 1800s as investors began to use it to get an advantage in the market.

3. As huge corporations began to dominate the sector in the early 1900s, stockbroking began to become increasingly centralized.

4. As electronic trading grew increasingly prevalent in the 1970s, stockbroking began to become more automated.

5. As online trading got increasingly popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, stock brokerage began to become more digital.

6. In the present day, stock brokerage continues to undergo changes as technology advances and the industry undergoes consolidation.

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Types of Stock Brokers

Brokers are the organizations that carry out stock market trades. Brokers are grouped into two types: Full-Service brokers and Discount brokers. Full-service brokers provide a comprehensive range of services, such as trading platform access, research, portfolio valuations, and portfolio guidance. Discount brokers simply offer fundamental services including order entry, execution, and account management.

Requirements for Stock Brokers

Your duty as a stockbroker is to locate and assess firms that will provide the best returns. This is accomplished by conducting numerous analyses on the companies you investigate, such as the company’s financials, management, and reputation. This information is then used to offer investment suggestions to your clients, such as where to put their money or which stocks to buy and sell.

What is the role of Stock Brokers?

A stockbroker is a financial professional who helps individuals and businesses buy and sell stocks. They typically work for a brokerage firm, which is a company that provides services such as stock trading, investment advice, and financial planning.

Brokers typically work with a group of clients, who are assigned to them based on their investment goals and risk tolerance. They will work with their clients to find the best stocks to buy and sell.

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Stock Brokers in the 21st Century

Stockbrokers in the twenty-first century are often more sophisticated and structured than those in previous decades. In order to provide better customer service and stay up with changing industry trends, they now have a larger network of contacts and more advanced technology. They are also becoming more involved in the investment process, offering guidance on various investment possibilities. Following are the best stock brokers in India

Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities Limited (KSL), a Kotak Mahindra Bank subsidiary.

The company also gives direct access to US markets through a partnership with partner brokers. KSL conducts lakhs of secondary market trades every day, thanks to strong research staff, and a powerful digital trading platform.

KSL offers a wide range of services, including equities, derivatives (equities, commodities, currency), and mutual funds. In addition, it provides margin trading finance, depository services, and third-party products such as insurance.

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For stock delivery transactions and direct mutual funds, Zerodha charges no brokerage. It charges a flat Rs 20 or 0.03 percent (whichever is lesser) every intraday and F&O trade. The highest brokerage paid by Zerodha for each transaction is Rs 20 for an order (of any size, amount, or segment).

ICICI Direct

ICICIdirect is one of India’s leading retail stock dealers. It is an ICICI Group subsidiary. Its internet trading and investment services are used by over 50 lakh users. The BSE, NSE, and MCX all provide equity, commodity, and currency trading. The company also offers mutual funds and initial public offerings (IPOs), as well as term deposits, bonds, NCDs, wealth products, home loans, and loans against securities.


Upstox is an Indian low-cost trading organization that provides trading opportunities at incredible prices. Through its Upstox Pro Web and Upstox Pro Mobile trading platforms, the firm allows customers to trade equities, commodities, currencies, futures, and options.

Upstox’s backers include Kalaari Capital, Ratan Tata, and GVK Davix.

The Upstox trading platform offers trading, research, charting, and other advanced trading tools.

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Angel One

Angel One (Angel Broking), founded in 1987, is one of India’s top full-service retail brokers, providing online discount brokerage services. Stock and commodities broking, investment consulting services, margin finance, loans against shares, and financial product distribution are among the services provided by the organization.


5Paisa is India’s only cheap broker that charges a flat price of Rs. 10 for a deal. As a result, regardless of transaction volume, you simply need to pay a fixed cost of Rs 10 for each trade.

You may use 5Paisa to determine how much money you can save each year if you trade on a regular basis.


Groww, established in Bangalore, offers online flat fee discount brokerage services for stock, IPO, and direct mutual fund investing. Next billion Technology Private Limited, a SEBI-registered stockbroker and NSE and BSE member, trades under the brand name Groww.

Groww charges a fee of Rs 20 for each transaction or 0.05 percent. Brokerage is limited to Rs 20 for each order, regardless of quantity or value. Groww offers mutual fund services for free, with no costs for investing in or redeeming mutual funds.

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HDFC Securities

HDFC Securities (HDFCsec) in HDFC Bank’s equity trading company. It offers both online and phone trading. The HDFC Securities trading account offers a one-of-a-kind 3-in-1 feature that connects your HDFC Securities trading account to your current HDFC bank savings account and Demat account.


INVEZT is a fintech firm specializing in capital markets. The firm’s main promoter is a well-known stockbroker in India. The promoter is a member of the NSE, BSE, MCX, ICEX, and CDSL, and is backed up by an experienced team of over 100 employees who manage a customer base of over one million people.

The skilled research team seeks to give a one window investment solution to all of their clients in order to enrich their investing journey. INVEZT is India’s first Freemium broker, with a business strategy that is both a discount and a regular broker.

Motilal Oswal 

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. (MOSL) is a diversified financial services organization headquartered in Mumbai, India, that was created in 1987. The company offers trading services in stocks, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. It also offers Mutual Funds, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Gold, Insurance, and Fixed Income products. MOSL’s discretionary Portfolio Management Service, MOAMC, is well-known (PMS). 


IIFL Securities provides online trading and research-based advice services for a wide variety of financial instruments, including stocks, derivatives, commodities, insurance, FDs, loans, IPOs, and bonds.

It has a single straightforward flat-rate brokerage option. This bargain brokerage package allows you to trade across all sectors, including equities delivery, for a flat Rs 20 per executed order.

Axis Direct

Axis Securities Ltd, founded in 2005, is a subsidiary of Axis Bank, India’s largest private bank. It is a full-service broker that provides stock brokerage services as well as financial product distribution to retail consumers in India under its AxisDirect brand. AxisDirect is one of India’s top ten stockbrokers, with over 4.2 lakh active customers.

AxisDirect allows you to invest in stocks, mutual funds, SIPs, IPOs, derivatives, bonds, NCDs, ETFs, and company fixed deposits. Axis Sec also provides Home Loans, Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Loans Against Property, Loans Against Shares, SME Loans, and Credit and Prepaid Cards.

Paytm Money

Paytm Money Limited (commonly known as Paytm Money) is a Bengaluru-based discount brokerage business that was founded in 2017. It is a completely owned subsidiary of One97 Communications Ltd, India’s largest and leading digital products and mobile platform, which also owns the Paytm name.

It is an Indian e-commerce payment system that has been certified by the Reserve Bank of India. Paytm Money has its own trading platform (web and mobile trading app) that provides its investors with a flawless trading experience.

It is a risk-free app with bank-level data security. Paytm claims to be a leader and pioneer in low-cost investment, having over 60 lakh customers as of December 2020.


The stockbroker’s job includes keeping the market open in his or her chosen financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, and currency, as well as acting as a financial advisor. He or she is a specialist in finance and investment, as well as a professional money manager who advises and plans investments for investors.

The stockbroker’s job is to help investors avoid losses by predicting what markets will do next and to help them profit from the prediction.

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