Anganwadi Jobs- Government Jobs After Class 10th

Anganwadi Jobs

Anganwadi Jobs

The Anganwadi is a government program that provides nutrition for children in areas where there are no mothers. In the early days, it was known as the “Angan” or “Anga” means nourishment, and the “Wadi” means village. 

          The Anganwadi was first organized in 1792 by Jotiba Phule, a social reformer who believed that nutrition was essential for growing children and so should be available in every village.

After completing Class 10, students can apply for Anganwadi jobs. Anganwadi is a government-sponsored welfare program in India. The Ministry of Women and Child Development is responsible for Anganwadi programs. It provides supplementary nutrition, non-formal pre-school education, health check-ups, and immunization to children below 6 years of age.

Anganwadi workers are the backbone of the rural health care delivery system in India. Women are the most trusted and preferred people for Anganwadi jobs. These jobs provide a good opportunity to earn some money and serve the community without affecting their daily household chores.

Anganwadi Jobs- Government Jobs After Class 10th

Anganwadi Criteria:

  • Candidates must be Indian citizens with Primary education
  • Male and female individuals are both eligible to apply 

How To  Apply:

You can apply for this by getting your parents to fill out form No. 6.

 The form must be filled in themselves or by someone they trust, but they can ask their own children to fill it out if they like.

Fields To Apply For

1. Employment assignments after class 10th

2. Education and Remuneration with Anganwadi jobs

If you want to figure out how to make money, you need to understand three things: first, the value of education; second, the value of doing work that is useful but doesn’t make money; and third, the opportunity of remuneration with Anganwadi jobs.

The first is straightforward. Education is what makes people better at reading and writing and sums up a lot more than that. We do not have good data on what all that adds up to because most of it is not measured in dollars. 

         But we can infer some of it from math scores, which are measured in dollars. So we know that education adds about a dollar for every extra year of school completed after age fifteen.

Selection process:

The process of recruitment of Anganwadi workers and helpers is carried out through the State government or Union Territory administration. The recruitment process involves three main steps:


 Since hiring without any advertisement is not legally permissible, the NGO management posted some notices in the nearby villages. The recruitment process starts with advertisements in newspapers or on television. After that eligible candidates are invited for written tests, interviews, and medical examinations. Then a merit list is prepared and candidates are selected based on their rank in the merit list.


Quickly, they get the required number of applicants after advertising. The selection process started with knowing the addresses of applicants and writing to them regarding their willingness to attend the test and given information was provided. The applications are accepted by the Anganwadi helpers and are put in the Biometric Box at the WCD office. After this exercise, it’s the duty of Anganwadi Workers to follow up on getting vacant posts filled with eligible entries as per their choice.


The selection of Anganwadi workers is mainly based on personal interviews and written tests. In the case of the helper, who is a helper for the Anganwadi worker, this personal interview is conducted by an ANM or an AWW, or a Village Panchayat Pradhan. The criteria of selection of Anganwadi workers are mentioned in the notification issued by various State Governments from time to time.

The workers are appointed by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. These workers are trained through a 3-month vocational training course offered by colleges affiliated with the National Institute of Open Schooling. After completion of training, they’re posted at an Anganwadi center that has been established near their homes.


Graduates with Class 10th pass get hired in a government school. Anganwadi teachers are the lowest paid of all government servants. They are supposed to earn a monthly salary of Rs.9,000 but in reality, they get only Rs.8,000 (US $50). This is because their service is subsidized by the state government and salved as a deposit which will be given after you leave your job. 

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