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What is an Equity share

Equity share is a type of security that represents an ownership stake in a company or organization. These are typically issued by private companies and are used to raise capital. Equity shares are also known as common shares, shares of stock, or common equity.

What was the concept of equity share? 

An equity share is a financial instrument. That shareholders use to participate in the profits and losses of a company. They represent a percentage of the company’s total ownership. Equity shares give shareholders a voice in how the company is run and a share in the company’s future profits.

These shares can be bought and sold on the open market. As a result, shareholders have the opportunity to make money. When the company’s stock price goes up and loses money when the stock price goes down. These shares are an important part of the corporate structure, and companies that do not offer equity shares are at a disadvantage in the market.

Types of Equity Shares 

Equity shares come in many different forms those are

1. Common

2. Preferred

Common Equity Shares 

Common Equity Shares, also known as Common Stock, are shares of a company issued by the company to its shareholders.  They can be traded freely, and are often issued when a company goes public so that investors can receive a piece of the company.

 Common stocks are bought and sold and are listed on the exchange at a specified price.  Common stock represents the owners’ claim on the company’s assets, profits, and other company property.

Preferred Equity Shares

Preferred equity is a common type of investment that companies use to raise money. The investors are promised a certain return on their investment, in addition to a share of the company. This is a very flexible way of investing, as you can invest in any company that is willing to issue them.

Importance of Equity Share 

1. Equity is a type of share in a company that gives the holder an ownership stake in the company.

2. The major types of Equity shares are common and preferred.

3. Common equity is the most common type of equity. Gives holders the right to vote and receive dividends.

4. Preferred equity is more expensive and gives holders preference in the distribution of profits and dividends.

5. Equity is an important part of a company’s structure and is key to its success.

6. Equity shares are a valuable investment and can be worth a lot of money.

Benefits of Equity Shares 

Equity shares are a means of investing capital to gain profits and reduce risks. These shares are based on the belief that the investors are the owners. They should share in the profits and losses of the company. Equity shares are also known as “equity shares.”

1. Equity shareholders are often more willing to take risks, as they are invested in the company’s future.

2. They are often more engaged with the company, as they have a personal stake in its success.

3. Shareholders are often more likely to advocate for the company’s interests, as they are invested in its success.

Risks in Equity Share

Equity shares are a growing alternative for investors. The main reason for their popularity is the high risk/reward ratio. Which has attracted many new investors. However, this also creates new challenges as well.

1. Equity shares are risky because they are volatile and can be risky investments. 

2. These are risky because they are an investment in a company and there is a risk that the company will not be successful. 

3. Shares of equity can be a source of loss for investors. 

4. Equity shares are sometimes risky because they are an investment that is subject to market fluctuations.

How do equity shareholders protect themselves from risk

 Equity holders may protect themselves from risk by diversifying their holdings. They may also invest in hedging strategies to minimize the risk of adverse price changes. Equity holders seek legal protection if any wrongful treatment by the company.


We have seen that the equity shares industry is a highly competitive and dynamic market, with a constant need for change. The market is continually developing and is still in its infancy. As a result of many exciting developments and new possibilities ahead. Equity is a market with many new ways to reach consumers, with new platforms, new channels, and new products.

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