How to become a Pilot?


Males and females that are interested in learning how to fly an aeroplane and become a Pilot. For a living should consider attending an airman academy and getting professional aviators. Then’s a companion for aspiring aviators, which includes some crucial considerations when assessing this career option.

The aeronautics sector is a commodity that’s catching the attention of huge masses. However, it’s the right time to live that dream, If a person is aspiring to come to an airman and live life up in the sky. Then’s how to come to an Airman in India.

You need to know what airman training programs are being offered in the country and which among those is the most suitable for you. This is where you should take into account what’s your aeronautics thing. Do you want to gain a Private Airman License( PPL) or a marketable Airman License( CPL)?

Are you seeking to work for an airline? If yes, also an Airline Transport Airman License( ATPL) is for you. Do you aim to attain a council degree at the same time too? Or do you see yourself joining the service, particularly the Air Force?

Did we lose you? Don’t fear! If you’re strange with the terms or can’t choose which license is right for you, you can shoot in your questions, and our platoon will be happy to help you.

Then are your options to become a Pilot:

Join the Military

Eventually, if you’re interested in serving your country, you can join the Indian Air Force. The Government will finance your flight training but you’ll have to stay with the service for around 12 times after completion before you can apply to marketable airlines.

Aviation-related council degree program for Pilot

Still, if you’re interested in carrying a council degree accompanied by flight training, you should consider aeronautics-related council degree programs. These programs allow scholars to combine a council degree with flight training. With this kind of program, you’ll earn a council degree together with an airman license similar to a marketable Airman License( CPL) in utmost cases. This will allow you to have the stylish of both worlds.

Airline pimp airman program for Pilot

Meanwhile, if your topmost nonage dream is to come to an airline airman, you should consider airline pimp airman programs. Airlines frequently finance these programs and scholars are guaranteed employment upon course completion. In this airman program, you’ll gain an Airline Transport Airman License( ATPL). You can reach out to us to get sapience into the options presently available.

Flight School for Pilot

There are over 30 flight seminaries in India that offer different airman training programs that you can choose from. You must produce a list of your preferred flight academy/ s so you can compare which is fitting for you. Each academy has its procedures and registration conditions, and depending on which airman training courses you decide to take, the education figure also varies.

Introductory Conditions

  • You must complete Class XII under the 10 2 system or its original with a minimum of 50 percent marks in calculi and drugs.
  • You must be at least 16 times of age to be eligible for a Pupil Airman License, 17 for a Private Airman License, and 18 for a marketable Airman License.
  • Alternately, you could directly enroll for the Private Airman License once you have cleared Class XII and are 17 times old. 
  • This involves taking a test conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, conforming to proposition papers on air navigation, aeronautics meteorology, air regulation, and specialized aspects.
  • Your vision in one eye must be perfect. In general medical language, it’s called6/6 sight. On the other eye, you could have a fault of6/9, which must be repairable to6/6.
  • General physical fitness is obligatory. You must be free of any complaints that can hinder normal function.
  • You need to complete the needful number of hours, clear written papers, and the medical examination. You need 70 percent marks to pass each of these papers. You can keep appearing until you clear them.

About the DGCA

The DGCA is the regulating authority on all matters dealing with aeronautics in the country. It’s responsible for enforcing, controlling, and supervising airworthiness norms, safety operations, and crew training in India. This department holds examinations for aviators, and subventions flying licenses. It controls civil aeronautics in the country.

 The DGCA’s address

 Director of Airworthiness( CEO)

 C/ O Director General of Civil Aviation

 East Block III, RK Puram

 New Delhi– 110 066

Decide on which Pilot training stages you’ll have to suffer:

Marketable Airman License( CPL)

To start earning from flying, you’ll need to gain a marketable airman license. This license allows you to come to a paid professional airman. To gain a marketable airman license in India, you’ll need to meet the following minimal conditions

  •  Must be over 18 times old
  •  A private airman license holder
  •  Have over 100 hours of flying time as an airman in command of which not lower than 15 hours must be completed within 6 months starting from the date of operation.
  • Have over 20 hours of cross-country flight time as an airman in command including the across-country flight of not lower than 300 navigational long hauls.

Instrument Standing( IR)

Being instrument-rated means that you can fly the aircraft in any rainfall condition (for illustration low or zero visibility) using just the instruments. Flight seminaries offer Instrument conditions along with their marketable airman training. But this can also be attained independently.

Multi-Engine Rating( MER)

The multi-engine standing will allow you to fly multi-engine aircraft. Flight seminaries offer multi-Engine conditions along with their private airman training and marketable airman training. But this can also be attained independently.

 Pupil Airman License( SPL)

The first airman license you’ll need to gain is a pupil airman license. This license allows you to start your flight training. To get an Indian pupil airman instrument, you need to be at least 16 times old, and suitable to speak, understand, read, and write in the English language at the minimum position needed by the Indian DGCA.

Private Airman License( PPL)

The private airman license will allow you to fly hand in glove, with passengers, or weight but without financial compensation. To get an Indian private airman license, you must be at least 17 times old, be a holder of SPL, and pass all the ground academy examinations and flight check lifts by the Indian DGCA. The minimal flight experience demand by the Indian GDCA is 20 hours of solo flight time.

Multi-Engine Rating( MER)

The multi-engine standing will allow you to fly multi-engine aircraft. Flight seminaries offer multi-Engine conditions along with their private airman training and marketable airman training. But this can also be attained independently.

 Airline Transport Airman License( ATPL)

ATPL is the loftiest position of Aircraft Pilot Certificate that allows you to act as an airman in command on listed air carriers.

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