High Yield Investing Program (HYIP) Is Like A Game Of Poker

High Yield Investing Program (HYIP) Is Like A Game Of Poker

We usually get newbies emailing us asking whether or not investing in High Yield Investing Program (HYIP) is worth the time and the risk. This is a wonderful question and the short answer is “it all depends”. 

First of all, the major question you must ask yourself before investing in any High Yield Investing Program (HYIP) is: “Do you plan on investing money that you will definitely require in the future?” In other words, is your life going to be made more destructive if you lose the money that you plan to invest? Unlike secure Stocks, Bonds, and other financial investments, HYIPs (High Yield Investing programs) differ in that they are more like a game of poker than a true investment. 

As a High Yield Investing Program (HYIP) investor, you must be capable to tell if the Program admin is bluffing or telling the truth. Are there signs of a bluff, such as; massive advertisement campaigns, cheap hosting of the site, notifications from other investors, or excessively high payout claims? If so then you can bypass that particular program. The difficulty is that not everyone is a poker (HYIP) expert. It’s usually hard to distinguish between a bluffer or an honest admin. 

Also just like poker, you shouldn’t go in anticipating to play one hand and leave a winner. You must bring enough money to the table to play a while and use your mastery to outsmart your opponent. People frequently email us asking where they should invest their $5. 

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We normally respond by telling them to put it in the bank instead. In our thought, you should not be investing in HYIPs for under $50. Why do we say this? Well, normally the less money you have to invest, the more of a return you want to earn. With only $5, investing in a program that pays 5% per week (even though it’s presumably more stable) would not be appealing since you would only earn 25 cents per week. 

Instead, most individuals with low amounts of money tend to go for the big quick payers, ie. programs that offer 10% per day or more. Normally, these programs are scams right from the start. If however, you have $1000 to invest you can effortlessly put it in several low paying secure programs (perhaps 5 programs each paying between 4-10% per week). This way you are earning a noticeable amount while also being uncontroversial and secure.

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The best advice we can give you is to understand an investment strategy. Just like in Poker, a smart player can outsmart his/her opponents and walk away from a winner.

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