Finding a System to Day Trade Futures Market

Finding a System to Day Trade Futures Market

Finding a System to Day Trade Futures Market. It was challenging fifteen years ago and it may actually be harder now!

When I first became interested in the day trade futures market I had no idea where to go to get knowledge about day trading in the stock market.

I didn’t know anyone that day trading the futures market.  In fact, when I talked to anyone about the day trade futures market all I heard was  “don’t trade futures, it’s way too destructive, you will lose everything you own”. Certainly, you can lose money fast in the Futures market, but you can also make money fast because the influence is fantastic and that’s what interested me.  I knew I had to have a good technique, but where would I go to discover one.

At that time brokers would send you notifications about the day trade futures market, and maybe they still do, from different Exchanges about different trading techniques and how one might use them in a special Futures Market.  Well, this information looked stunning good!  All I had to do was get charting usefulness and I was on my pathway.  

I guess I wasn’t as bright as the individual that gathered the information for the booklets because I simply could not make these needles work for me.  Surely somebody was trading successfully using this information I thought, otherwise why would they publish the booklets. With this thought in mind, I felt I just required more information.

Books had to be the solution. Like I said earlier, I guess I was not very bright because after reading thirty or forty books comprehensively, some two and three times, and having applied the strategies learned from the books, I was not capable to trade profitably on a consistent basis. I’m sure some are qualified of using these approaches to day trade the futures market successfully, but I was not capable to do so.  

While having a book roasting party a few years ago, I decided to keep one book to remind me of my knowledge.  It’s on my bookshelf and I peek at it once or twice a year to keep this experience fresh in my memory.  There may be some great books out there that show you how to day trade the futures market successfully on a consistent basis, but unfortunately, I never encountered one.  I wasted years on this endeavour.

By this time computer trading was gaining popularity. I received an advertisement about an agenda where I could even write my own system and backtest it to get consequences before actually trading it. Wow!  This was outstanding and it was only Rs10,000.00.  They advertised anyone would be capable to program this thing.  Well, they must have meant anyone with the peculiarity of me.  I wasted hundreds of hours attempting to write programs unsuccessfully.  I didn’t know the programming language and I wasn’t capable to get enough information to learn it so I determined to be intelligent about this situation and bought another program at only half the price of the first one.  

I was capable to write a few programs that produced very well in backtesting if one could stand twenty point stops in the S&P. I actually liked this idea but eventually had to admit that it was not going to give me what I was searching for.

For years now I had been studying Candlesticks charts every single day plus at weekends and evenings. Of course, I was conscious that all indicators, strategies, systems etc. started with a price. None of these specialities can be made without price moving first.  

The price can’t be mistaken because it is what it is, therefore it is always right.  So I determined to put all of my energy into the study of Candlesticks charts, or price and its movement, and finally, I found it.  It was exactly there in front of me all these years and I just didn’t see it.  After another year or so of perfecting entrances and exits and how to read where the price should go, and if it would continue on or turn at that point, I finally had a procedure.  

This procedure will give you profits consistently. I found that price will tell you where it is going and where it is possible to turn, and if it doesn’t turn there it will tell you in advancement that it will likely continue.

I had a hard time learning to day trade the futures market without a mentor.  It honestly took years of commitment, hard work, and a lot of wasted money.  If you are new to the day trade futures market or any market, and you don’t have a mentor with a good system that will give you consistent profits, then by all standards that should be your first endeavour.  

It is said that 90 of everyone trading in the day trade futures market loses.  Make sure you’re in the 5 that are winners in the day trade futures market.

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