Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

Have you recognized just how much fundraising is going on these days? There are fundraising ideas for little league, school fundraisers, and the college fundraiser, as well as church fundraisers. Daycares require more funds, hospitals need new equipment, and cheerleaders must fundraise for their costumes. And to think up new fundraising ideas that will be successful is becoming more difficult every day.

Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas
Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

On a good note, it shows that individuals do care how others live and cope with their lives. However, it also means that, because we are always being asked to contribute to one good cause after another, we are not always able to help. Despite our best intentions, our own funds just will not stretch that far.

However, if we request the contribution of items instead of cash, that is often a relief to a potential donor. People will usually gladly donate a can of food for a food drive, or a kitchen item they have never used for a sale, whereas they would not contribute cash. And there are many types of fundraising ideas you can use to hold sales based on items collected.

For instance, you could hold a toy drive that would give your association toys to sell to support your work. Or what about a gardening sale? If you have some volunteers with green signals, they could readily grow some plant cuttings or start some seeds or bulbs growing ready for a plant deal in the spring or early summer, when the general public is looking to supply their garden after the winter.

Book sales are constantly well attended, but of course, you will require to collect a lot of donated books to make this a success, as books do not generally sell for a high price. You could come to local publishers to see if they have any books that they could donate to support your reason. If they do provide you with some books, don’t forget to write them after your event to thank them and also to let them know how flourishing you were and how much their donation-supported you. Donors like to be thanked, and they are more possible to support you in the future if they know their gift has been respected in the past.

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Some parties like to ask for donated items and then they use these to make up some themed gift baskets which they then raffle, normally at another fundraising event. For instance, you may make up a bath basket including some soap, hand towels, and bath salts from your donated items. The trick here is to keep raffle tickets affordable, especially if you are hoping those that donated the items to be buying the raffle tickets!

You may find that some individuals are willing to volunteer their time rather than funds to your fundraising ideas. For instance, an electrician may prefer to spend a half-day checking the wiring in the new offices your non-profit group just moved into, instead of donating cash. As long as this helps your non-profit organization, any donation is welcome, whether it is time or money, but make certain your donors know what the goal of your organization is, and how their contribution will help you. They may then mention it to their circle of friends, and this type of promotion is very valuable.

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