10 Reasons To Read To Your Child

10 Reasons To Read To Your Child

We all know that learning to read is necessary, but as parents what do we do to facilitate this milestone to Read To Your Child?

Reading to your child has many advantages one of which is simply having time to have fun together.

Here are 10 effective reasons to read to your child.

1. When you read to your child, he/she will understand that reading is important to you, therefore reading will become meaningful to him/her.

2. The more your child listens to sounds, the better he/she will process these sounds into words. When a child is preschool/kindergarten age the listening word begins to become the written word.

3. Reading has a calming effect on a nervous or fussy baby. Who doesn’t want an effortless way to calm a fussy baby?

4. Reading is wonderful before-bed practice. Studies have shown that a child will thrive in an atmosphere in which practices are present.

5. Reading will help to materialize your child’s imagination. Have you ever gotten lost in an interesting good book? Your child can do the exact while you are reading to him/her.

6. Reading will enable your child’s ability to listen and pay attention. With all the difficulties we hear about concerning attention spans, this is a great way to avoid that.

7. Reading to a young child will teach him/her the right way to hold a book and turn the pages.

8. Reading to your child will grow in him/her the desire to become a reader.

9. Teachers will thank you to teach your child to read. 

10. When a child or kid is reading a personalized story book, he/she will be capable to recognize his/her name in print at an early age.

Isn’t it thrilling to think that you can have such an effect on your child’s ability to read just by reading to him/her? You have the power to develop a lifelong joy of reading and learning in your child. WOW! Just read to your child.

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